Another way of storytelling, creation by interaction, conveying an idea or just an atmosphere. Sometimes exactly as planned, often lead by what came to existence in the moment.


I love this most about my work; two people in a room experiencing the moment. A moment that is, and then fades away into infinity. What remains are these images, an alteration of reality, a fantasy about what was. 


Shooting is mostly one-on-one with people that aren't models at all in an intimate setting where you can completely be yourself or someone completely different. The only thing that leaves the room are the photos we agreed on.

Some may do a shoot in an hour or maybe two, I take the whole day with eating, drinking, lots of talking and laughter in between the shooting. Good times and precious memories, that's the main goal.


Getting to know the other one and connect for a brief moment, to be disconnected and estranged right after. Or, as a photographer who has been a tutor and example for me for a while ( hi Piet, Surprise! ) put it: falling in love with your subject a little bit, and then letting go again.