I have always thought I was average at best, not good in anything, never able to hold on to anything good in life.


Eventually I have figured out though that I can do this, I can express myself and create something that was not in existence before. I don't know or care if I'm good at it, popular or interesting. What matters is I have found that I can.

I can do art, hence ican-art. 


If I can, then you can as well, so we all can do one thing or another. 


My reference is photography, I usually start out with taking a photo. What I do afterwards with it, is not fixed. It can be edited, painted, printed and painted over to be scanned again, lots of possibilities. Sometimes I don't or hardly edit a photo.

Sometimes I don't even start with a photo. 


All I do is the result of my views, my actions and my choices, I am aware of that. Nevertheless I think it should be about the work I make, not about me as a person. For that reason I have chosen to use a brand name, ican-art.